Friday, February 17, 2012
sigh @ 7:28 PM

This year, I am very busy with the daily schedule. Where else in the book, school, revision, and so on lahh. is normal since being a form 5 student . I love when I was 16 even many painful memories. I do not want the title of my 'budak sekolah' lost .  I still enjoy being a student of the school even when I'm too lazy to go to school. EPP. I have never been absent from school even lazy. I want to pursue my ambition. I want my own money, own car,home,. haha . I want to show that I can succeed . I do not want to worry my mother again. I want one day, I spend my mother shopping. hehe .  I may not know, but I believe I really know. haa. my teacher once said, no man was born stupid. so, I hold the words of my teacher that I can dookay lahh . that's all bye .

you think you know me.

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